Sunday, March 1, 2009


  • today, 1st March is officially the beginning of spring
  • there seems to be more sun lately, with temperature around 6 to 8 degree Celcius
  • the sun also seems to be around longer during the day
  • but Met Office forecasted a few cold nights this week (minus 3 on wed night)
  • just hope that this will be the last round of cold
  • plan to start explore this region and hopefully (if can afford) one or two european destinations

after a week's work..

  • finally got back to work
  • one week had passed and I spent most of the first week getting myself ready for the tasks ahead
  • have a nice big office for myself and a lot of other goodies that come with the job
  • learning a new accounting application and enjoying the impressive computer services in the office
  • for a change, I will now spend more time in the office and my wife more time at home. Baby will have to spend two & a half day in nursery weekly
  • baby still on hunger strike whenever she's at the nursery. She's not as chubby as before after three weeks of strike. The current solution is for me to go over to the nursery during lunch hour to feed her
  • really grateful and thankful to get this job, and hoping to get another one like this after the contract ends
  • the best thing of all, I'm again able to dress up smartly for work. :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

severe/extreme weather warnings

  • the Met Office has issued severe/extreme weather warnings for North West England
  • expecting heavy snow and strong wind over the next few days
  • it'll be really cold again
  • said to be the coldest winter
  • why the coldest when I'm here?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

first outing in UK

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

the big impact

  • the credit crunch is slowly showing its impact all over the world
  • economic conditions in the UK are in pretty bad shape
  • companies are calling in administrators, closing down outlets, firing staffs and downsizing
  • heard news that conditions in Malaysia are not good as well
  • some having to accept pay cut, forced leave, no bonus or increment, etc.
  • but one should be grateful to remain having a job and securing a fixed monthly income
how to cope with the credit crunch?
  1. spend wisely and avoid buying things that are not needed (remember our needs & want)
  2. monthly savings are still required, even when the govt keeps on encouraging us to spend
  3. cut down eating out. it's just too expensive. cooking your own meal will be fun and most importantly, cheaper.
  4. save energy (electricity, petrol, gas). also helps to make the earth greener.
  5. pay off credit cards' usage on time. don't let the amount incur any interest.
  6. work harder! make sure you don't become the redundant one.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


  • first update for the new year
  • started the year horribly
  • baby got really sick and admitted to hospital for 9 days
  • but she's slowing recovering now
  • thanks for all the well wishes and encouragements
  • will update again soon. i'm really tired too

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

  • Merry Christmas!!!
  • May all of you have a blessed and joyful Christmas
  • No Christmas present coz Santa is busy with something else....
  • Recession?